The fascination of technology Founded in 1945, what was once a small craft workshop has since developed into a successful medium-sized technology provider. Our family business stands for reliable, innovative products and services which conform to top quality standards. »The fascination of technology« is the company philosophy we practice daily, whether in the field of drive engineering, tool making or machining.

Magnetic clutches

If you travel on a coach with state-of-the art temperature control, you can bet the air conditioning system is driven by a LANG magnetic clutch. Indeed, the international coach industry is one of our main customers. Other sectors include utility vehicles, municipal vehicles, refrigerated transport and various special applications

LANG magnetic clutches are notable for their extreme robustness and long lifetime.
The product range comprises clutches with transmissible torques of up to 1500 Nm for almost any drive application. Flexibility, reliability and service are our strengths.

Compressor clutches

LANG magnetic clutches. Reliable, durable and high-quality products are our trademark.

We deliver innovative technology, top quality and the service of a modern technology provider, making us a major partner of the coach and utility vehicle industry all over the world.

Tool development

As a specialist in the field of metal forming, our chief focus is on the automotive industry. Based on our long experience and know-how, we develop highly sophisticated tools using cutting-edge techniques. For nearly 40 years we have proved a reliable engineering partner for renowned German automotive companies such as BMW, AUDI, DAIMLER and VW.

Method development

We evaluate and guarantee the feasibility of a component while the vehicle is still in the development phase. This involves production-ready component optimisation in close coordination with the vehicle manufacturer. That way we are able to assure the customer’s production process in the method development phase which precedes tool design.

Tool design

Our wide range services comprises almost every kind of metal forming tool:
– Large tools,
– Progressive die sets,
– Follow-on composite tools,
– Prog-die tools,
– IHU tools,
– Bordering tools for body shell construction

Precision manufacturing Beside magnetic clutches and state-of-the-art engineering services for the German automotive industry, we also produce pilot series, single parts, tools and jigs for mechanical engineering companies in our region of Lake Constance/Upper Swabia. We produce and assemble complex components for the machining technology sector according to the customer’s specifications and to the highest quality standards.