E.A.Lang GmbH & Co. KG

The fascination of technology_ Founded in 1946 in Ravensburg in southern Germany, what was once a small craft workshop has since developed into a globally acting successful medium-sized technology provider. Our family business stands for reliable, innovative products and services which conform to top quality standards.
»The fascination of technology« is the company philosophy we practice daily while working together – whether in the field of Drive Technology, Forming Technology and Die Design or Precision manufacturing.


Direct contact with our customers is one of our strengths, partnership is part of our self-image. We work together: With you as our customer and within our company. We listen, understand and find solutions. Our flexible and reliable service such as our working process complement our high-quality performance, enabling us to react to the ever changing requirements of the market, to respond to you as our valuable customer and to implement your wishes.


Our head office in Ravensburg is the center for development, international sales and production for the European magnetic clutch market. That’s where we meet. The Die Designing and Precision Manufacturing division are here as well. If you want to meet us around the world: Internationalization of our activities is a central plank of our strategy. We supply over 210 customers in 56 countries with our products and services. Our branches in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India and China are responsible for local distribution in their region as well as production for the local markets. Meet and talk: this is how we want to do our work.

Drive Technology_ If you travel on a coach with state-of-the art temperature control, you can bet the air conditioning system is driven by a LANG magnetic clutch. Indeed, the international coach industry is one of our main customers. Other sectors include utility vehicles, municipal vehicles, refrigerated transport, fan drives for diesel engines/gensets and various other applications. Our magnetic clutches are notable for their extreme robustness and long lifetime. Flexibility, reliability and service are our strengths.

Compressor clutches_ Our products meet the highest standards of durability and resilience. Even under the toughest conditions the robust yet lightweight design of our clutches keeps your air conditioning or refrigeration system in good working order. From extreme temperatures to high air humidity – our compressor clutches are equal to any challenge.

Fan clutches_ Fuel saving due to optimized fan speed on engine cooling by electromagnetic clutches is state of the art in diesel engine technology. Flexible, quick and easy to apply: our products offer you a robust performance – even under harsh conditions or big fan sizes. Different speeds offer solutions for all kind of applications.

Pump clutches_ We offer the right clutch for every pump. From ‚extra small‘ to ‚extra large‘ – the variety is virtually endless. Common to all however is their extremely high performance. Our product range comprises clutches with transmissible torques of up to 1500 Nm. You will find our products in hydraulic and seawater pumps, in the drive train of filling systems for diving apparatus or in special motor racing fire-fighting vehicles: there is almost nothing we can’t do!

Centrifugal Clutches_ when it comes to tough applications where rpm is the only control possibilty. Our special design offers long lasting, cost effective and flexible solutions.

Easy and quick in application our centrifugal clutches drive your system – smooth and silent.


Our company is run by the family and stands for reliable, innovative German products and service of the highest quality. »The fascination of technology« is not an empty slogan for us, but our active company philosophy. We understand this as the art of German engineering and think before we act. Thinking together we create ideas and solutions and continually develop our products – in order not only to meet our own standards with optimum results but above all to fulfill your wishes as our customer. Consistent customer-orientation is our strength because we measure our performance by your satisfaction.


As a globally acting family owned company with flat hierarchies no distance is too far for us: we talk to you as our customer throughout the world – at eye level, with dedication and flexibility. We are as capable interlocutors available for you almost at any time and sure that we have to talk to each other to find solutions. Our highly motivated and competent team is committed to realizing our customers aspirations to the best of our ability. So: time to talk, because what we say we also mean.

Forming Technology and Die Design_ As a specialist in the field of sheet metal forming, our main focus is on the automotive industry. Based on our long experience and know-how, we develop highly sophisticated tools using cutting-edge techniques. For nearly 40 years we have proved a reliable engineering partner for renowned German automotive companies.

We meet the exact demands of our customers in terms of quality and on-time delivery, providing production-ready solutions with competence and flexibility. With more than 20 employees in this division alone, we have the capacity to execute even large-scale projects to the highest standards. The diverse range of parts includes all kinds of vehicle outer skin and structural components.

Our wide range services cover a large part of the tool development process:


  • Feasibility Study
  • Method Planning
  • Forming Simulation

Die Design_

  • Large tools and die sets
  • Die sets for High-speed servo presses
  • Prog-die tools
  • Kinematic Analysis


  • Preparation of active surfaces
  • Compensation of Suspension
  • Q-Loop Improvement


We offer tailor-made solutions for our customers, your satisfaction is our goal. With know-how and experience accumulated over more than three generations we make individual solutions possible for even the trickiest applications. From state-of-the-art CAD, CAM, CNC, CAQ or CIM to the Continuous Improvement Process: Thanks to innovative technology and the use of high-performance components we guarantee top quality products you can rely on. At the same time, we have a global production and manufacturing network from which we benefit – and therefore you as our customer.

Precision Manufacturing_ Beside magnetic clutches and state-of-the-art engineering services for the German automotive industry we also produce pilot series, single parts, tools and jigs for mechanical engineering companies in our region.

We produce and assemble complex components for the machining technology sector according to the specifications of you as our customer and to the highest quality standards.

Direct contact with our local customers is one of our strength. Our flexible and reliable service complements, our high-quality performance, enabling us to respond to the ever changing requirements of our customers.


We are specialists – even for the most difficult parts. This includes all aspects of design. Our mission is to enable you to increase product quality, reduce cycle time and improve productivity and efficiency. Our team works with the latest CAD tools and has a deep understanding of design and construction. For many years we have been working for the German automotive industry and thus for the champions league. These include, among others, VW and Daimler, which are world leaders with their processes. Each part we design is a custom made special product – that is what we mean by design.